le zuppe - soups                                 Take away available on request, (pick up only)

minestrone lombardo - mixed vegetable soup Vegetarian Dishes- £5.90                                                       
passato di verdura - cream of vegetable soup and croutons Vegetarian Dishes- £5.90
zuppa pavese - egg, parmesan, parsley and chicken stock - £5.50
zupa di pesce - home made fish soup - £8.90

primi piatti

prosciutto e mozzarella - parma ham with mozzarella cheese - £9.90
prosciutto e melone - parma ham with melon - £9.90
antipasto all' italiana - italian mixed hors d'oeuvres - £9.90
insalata tricolore - avocado, tomato, mozzarella and basil Vegetarian Dishes- £8.90
cozze marinara - mussels, white wine, parsley and lemon - £8.90
cozze napoletana - mussels, garlic and tomatoes - £8.90
funghi trifolati - mushrooms, garlic and butter Vegetarian Dishes- £7.90
calamari in salsa forte - squid, tomato, garlic, chilli and parsley - £8.90
fagioli e salsiccia - borlotti beans and italian sausage - £8.90
pane e olive aglio - garlic bread with olives Vegetarian Dishes- £3.90
bruschetta al pomodoro - sliced bread in olive oil, garlic, tomato, topped with basil Vegetarian Dishes- £5.90

main courses

i risotti - rice dishes

vecchia milano - cooked in meat stock with sausage and saffrom sauce - £13.90
risotto con asparagi - asparagus and cream Vegetarian Dishes- £12.90
pescatora - mixed seafood, garlic and a touch of tomato - £14.90
parmigiana - butter, white wine and fresh parmesan cheese Vegetarian Dishes- £9.90
sbarbato - cured bacon, french beans, mushrooms and cream - £12.90

le nostre pasta - our homemade pastas

any combination of pasta with any sauce


agli spinaci - spinach, garlic butter and parmesan Vegetarian Dishes- £11.90
tregusti - parma ham, basil and fresh tomato - £12.90
gratinate - mushroom, italian sausage, bechamel and parmesan - £13.90
aromatiche - parma ham, mixed herbs and cream - £11.90
al salmone - salmon, butter and cream - £11.90
pesto - a basil sauce mixed with pine kernels, garlic and pecorino cheese Vegetarian DishesContains Nuts- £9.90


piccanti - garlic, chilli, tomato and olive oil HOT Vegetarian Dishes- £9.90
rustiche - cured bacon, pine kernels, radicchio lettuce and olive oil Contains Nuts - £12.90
delicatezza - courgettes, aubergine, tomato and basil - £10.90
sbarbato - cured bacon, french beans, mushrooms and cream Vegetarian Dishes- £12.90


4 formaggi - 4 various kinds of cheese Vegetarian Dishes- £11.90
siciliana - aubergine, garlic, black olives and tomato Vegetarian Dishes- £10.90
verdi e gialli - courgettes, saffron, cured bacon and a touch of cream - £11.90
alle olive - black and green olives, tomato and garlic Vegetarian Dishes- £9.90


carretiera - tuna, garlic, tomato and white wine - £11.90
pugliese - broccoli, tomato, garlic and chilli Vegetarian Dishes- £10.90
pasticciati - ragu, meat, tomato, bechamel and parmesan - £12.90
ragu - meat, tomato and garlic - £11.90


broccoli e gorgonzola - broccoli, gorgonzola, cheese and cream - £11.90
dello chef - fresh tomato, basil, mozzarella and pecorino cheese - £10.90


pescatora - mixed seafood, garlic and tomato - £14.90
carbonara - cured bacon, egg yolk and cheese - £11.90
del contadino - green olives, peppers, cured bacon, garlic and tomato - £11.90
zingara - tomato, chilli, garlic, black olives and pesto Vegetarian DishesContains Nuts - £11.90
pomodoro a basilico - fresh chopped tomato, basil and olive oil Vegetarian Dishes- £9.90
del bosco - parma ham, wild mushrooms, cream and peas - £12.90
vongole veraci - clams, white wine, garlic, parsley and olive oil - £14.90

specialita della case - house speciality

cannelloni al forno - pasta tube stffed with ricotta and spinach Vegetarian Dishes- £11.90
lasagna emiliana - layers of pasta, bolognese, tomato, bechamel, pamersan BAKED - £12.90
gnocchi alla brava - potato dumplings in cheese sauce Vegetarian Dishes- £11.90
gnocchi al burro e salvia - potato dmplings with fresh sage and butter Vegetarian Dishes- £11.90
melazane parmigiana - aubergine with tomato, mozzarella and parmesan BAKED Vegetarian Dishes- £11.90
ravioli di magro - ravioli with ricotta and spinach filling served in butter and sage Vegetarian Dishes- £14.90
ravioli di carne - ravioli with meat filling served with fresh tomato and basil sauce - £14.90
ravioli de pesce - ravioli with fish filling searved with cheese sauce - £14.90
crespoline de spinaci - pancake filled with spinach, ricotta and parmesan cheese Vegetarian Dishes- £11.90
cresponine de chef - pancake filled with ham, asparagus, mushroom and cheese sauce - £11.90

other dishes

cotoletta alla milanese - veal cooked in breadcrumbs, served with fettuccine al pomodoro - £19.90
polpette genovese - meatballs in tomoato sauce served with pesto rice Contains Nuts - £15.90
involtino di pollo - chicken breast rolled in cured bacon served with potatoes - £15.90
pollo rosmarino - chicken breast in white wine and rosemary, finished with balsamic vinegar - £15.90
spiedini di gamberoni - pacific prawns cooked with garlic, herbs and white wine served with mixed salad - £24.90
mixed or green salad - £4.50

dolci e gelati

desserts and ice creams

profiteroles in chocolate sauce - £6.90
budino alla crema - cream caramel - £5.90
torta della casa - sweets of the day - £6.90
mixed ice creams - £5.90
dessert ice cream - £6.50
formaggi misti - selection of cheeses - £8.90
tiramisu - italian pick-me-up made with savoirdi biscuits, mascarpone cheese, eggs and marsala wine - £6.90


espresso - £3.20
cappuccino, coffee - £3.50
liqueur coffee - any kind - £6.90


Vegetarian Dishes Vegetarian Dishes
Contains Nuts Contains Nuts



king scallops - white wine, garlic and lemon juice, grilled - £11.90

fresh asparagus - butter and parmesan cheese, grilled - £10.90

parma ham and mozzarella di bufalo - £10.90

avocado prawns - with salad - £9.90

goats cheese - grilled, served with foccacia and grilled aubergine, finished with a touch of tomatoes - £9.90

marinata di pesce - fillet of salmon and sword fish marinated in white wine, white vinegar and olive oil - £11.90

main courses

fillet of seabass or halibut steak - grilled or white wine sauce - £21.90

mixed grilled fish - cod, salmon, prawns, scallop, langoustine and squid - £26.90

linguine scoglio - langoustine, mussels, clams and scallop - £23.90

linguine lobster - clams and cherry tomato - £23.90

scotch fillet steak - 9-10oz grilled or with sauce of your choice - £28.90

lamb cutlets - grilled or with balsamic vinegar sauce - £21.90

dutch calves liver - grilled with bacon, or cooked in buter and sage, or veneziana (white wine and onions) - £22.90

all main dishes are served with saute potatoes and vegetables of the day or mixed salad


You should advise us of any special dietary needs, including intolerance and allergies. We will advise you on alternative dishes. We do our best to reduce the risk of cross-contamination but cannot guarantee that any of our dishes are free from allergens so we cannot accept any liability in this respect. Customers with severe allergies are advised to assess their own level of risk and consume dishes at their own risk.

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